game sdk save/load level

hello I'm having trouble saving the game progress. I did a lot of research and found that the codes are not enough. After saving gamesdk packpage, I save the level and when I close the game, my advanced level disappears and I start from the beginning.
Can I add a percentage of total progress?

( I played the game = 20%. I saved and checked out.
I started the game again 20%
I checked out 50%.
I saved and checked out.
I played the game again = 50%
I finished the game 100% )
Thank you so much.

Re: game sdk save/load level

You will need to modify the UI files if you want to add a Load button to the main menu.
You will also need to handle the changes in the FlowGraph modules for the UI.

You can find the original source flash assets for the main menu here: ... lashAssets

To get an idea of how the Flash is used check out the tutorials: ... ... ...

For documentation take a look here: ... ed+With+UI

More specific to GameSDK UI: ... +UI+System

Essentially you will need to add the button in flash, then on click in actionscript, trigger an event which is caught in the FlowGraph module for the main menu, then Load the save file via Flowgraph.
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