Re: New to cryengine and coding in general. Can anyone give me some recommended links to coding an FPS controller in c++

It depends on what kinda of feel you want.
First Person with full body, or First Person with only arms?

For a very basic example, you can take apart the First Person Shooter template shipped with CRYENGINE. The animation mechanics itself is dealt with engine side, but the input, animation fragments and camera are all coded inside that template. It is only an example though to get you started, and is based on full body first person perspective. Once you get a bit more familiar with the code, it should be relatively simple to create your own first person arms only setup with custom animations.

You can get the template by simply downloading CRYENGINE, and choosing to create a new project and choosing the First Person C++ Template. The Visual Studio solution can be generated by right-clicking the .cryproject file in the project folder and choosing Generate Solution. The Solution file will be created inside the solutions/win_x64 folder.
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