schematyc library info

ive notice if your not using math a certain way with library signal and use variables it doesn't crash, im trying to figure out how i can save and load int32 value to track inventory count when you save and load a game, not really sure how i could save int32 value a stop and reload value at start

Re: schematyc library info

is there currently no way to store a value Such as a bool or int32, float, string in schematyc.

will a state machine state keep a in32 value, if the default state is not triggered from BEGIN>

you would think that a schematyc token or xml function would be one of the first things they added to schematyc, as is one of the most important core features.

Schematyc is not currently tied to the save game system.
Though you can use Game Tokens and Flow Graph to save data with the save game files if that is an option for you.

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