Re: 5.5 Some of the SVOGI do not work

Hey Qlaud,

The first thing I notice is that the log mentions CRYENGINE 5.4.
Can you confirm this is an issue with 5.5 and the latest preview? Or if you are sticking with 5.4?

Also, can you give a more descriptive statement on what the issue is?
Are you experiencing a crash, or lacking of visual clarification on the integration mode change?
If it is a visual error, some screenshots would help a lot. Do this also happen on other projects, or only your project? (eg, Templates/GameSDK)

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Re: 5.5 Some of the SVOGI do not work

Hi Cry-Flare !

Qlaud is just sharing my problem :)

First of all, thanks you a lot for all the next help !

Well, my probleme is: on all the versions of the cryengine with SVOGI (5.0/5.2/5.3/5.4/5.4 and old one 3.8) , the SVOGI dosen't work, on all levels, and all versions of the engine ...
Everything worked perfectly, and a morning, when I got up, I turned on my computer, and start the cryengine, and the SVOGI was not working...
I already deleted, uninstalled and reinstalled the different versions of Cryengine but also doesn't work too.
Also, my "Temp" folder into my window is empty since this problem, can there be a link?

Here is a video i've posted on Facebook, with this you will be able to maybe understand what is my problem ... 776955776/

Thank you a lot !

Re: 5.5 Some of the SVOGI do not work

Integration Mod 0, Number of Bouces 1 WHY? with such insignificant settings you will not see much of a difference with that activated SVOGI that without it. And in general the settings are useless, try something like this, and then experiment
Hello Noise, you are probable a new user of the Cryengine :)
I have 10 years of Cryengine behind me and I know how the SVOGI works, here, NOTHING works on any versions! nothing to do with my parrametres, I can increase them thoroughly and nothing will change!
did you just watch the video I posted, to present my problem? I don't think, so I invite you to look at it to better understand my problem :)

But anyways.
Just so you know, mode 1 and 2 do not working with light bounces by default, so the mod 0 is best for the moment, then, I reinstalled the Cryengine, and on my example, it's a test map made simply to illustrate my problems, mode 0 even with basic parameters should display an AO (ambient occlusion) and a global illumination.

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