C++ CryEngine 5.4 Book By Ahmad Karami

Hi guys,
I covered C++ CryEngine 5.4 with great examples , I wrote my book with persian language , I'm Ahmad Karami from Iran, here is very bad situation for programmers, anyway, it was very hard ,Eventually I succeeded, my book is completed now , Translation of my book in English costs a lot and requires a lot of money in Iran, so if crytek/ce team agree , I can send a copy of my book to crytek/ce team for translation Persian to English language, my book is for attract more people & migrate to CryEngine Technology.
Stay tuned
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Re: C++ CryEngine 5.4 Book By Ahmad Karami

It would be good if you could post a few samples here of some 'Advanced' topics. The community really lacks explanations on those.
I can not, excuse me , I publish my book only with pdf file free, when crytek/ce team translate persian to English, I no have money for translate, I'm sorry, here is hell (iran) for programmers, I'm working a lot for get the best result of crytek/ce team for people and CryEngine users, I hope , crytek/ce team agree for translate my book, If no, I think I must be stop make books for cryengine, I love continue for write new books for cryengine,I have this powerful...

Re: C++ CryEngine 5.4 Book By Ahmad Karami

Perhaps asking some community member to handle translation instead? I doubt Crytek can take on a job like this with their busy schedules.
This is not a simple book
This book is a clear step-by-step concept of beginner to advanced concepts and has value for translation,this book is a complete document for answering questions and the most important things that indie programmers and solo programmers need to know :-)

Re: C++ CryEngine 5.4 Book By Ahmad Karami

I think it is great that you wrote that. Since you are publishing it for free I don't understand why you would stop making books if it does not get translated...
Where did you publish the Persian version? I would love to see the layout and pictures even if I cannot read Persian.
Keep up the good work.
Hello,Thank you so much your feedback
I'm a game play programmer, I live in Iran, my country is hell, one of a lot problems for Iranian programmer, iran government does not support copyright rule, it is related to all things , for software , films, books , etc, I try access to resume (cv), of course one cv in out of iran,I started for this issue since 2015, I think if this book translate to English with register my name/family by ce team or crytek, I get a cv in out of iran by crytek, yes, sure, i publish my book soon,but I no have job in Iran, I no have future in iran , I no have money in iran, I am upset here , but I want continue my roadmap for cryengine but I think I am alone without ce team and cryrek , I wrote this thing here cause you want in your feedback, I have power for write a lot books for cryengine and crytek,I have great idea for make documents for cryengine...This is only one problem for programmers in Iran.

Re: C++ CryEngine 5.4 Book By Ahmad Karami

Thank you for explaining. I did not fully understand your situation and I am really sorry to hear this. I don't know how you contacted Crytek but if it does not work out at this time I would consider trying the translation by volunteers. You could put the book into a wiki online and invite people to translate parts / chunks of it maybe. This could also build some network for you - contacts to Persian speaking people interested in Cryengine and able to translate etc.. then Maybe that will open possibilities to add English to your Youtube videos and put them into sequence so that your Youtube network also expands and becomes a good resource for English speaking people. I know this takes time but you could use that time to train your English which is really needed for what you want to do.
And for my reloaded project, if I need any C++ programming I will ask you. But that is next year and its cryengine 2 which should be no problem I hope. Mostly AI related.
Last, not least I am happy to proofread your English texts for this forum or youtube or Crytek correspondence if you would like that. You can just send the text snippet via PM or my mail (roadie@reloaded-game.neptunian.org) and I will look it over and correct grammar etc. I noticed some of your videos have no sound at all - just send the google translate output or what you are using and I will check it and you can have good basic English subtitles for your tutorial videos.
Have a lovely day

I just noticed - your English is not bad - sorry for implying that. Still, if you need any proofreading I am happy to do that.

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