export terrain block crash

I am trying to export terrain block, which crashes ( very tall in spots) & I send report to CE as well.
Does selecting a terrain 'area' grab all the 'height' or does one have to grab the entire terrain height ?

I 'm having trouble getting all the terrain sculpted height in the selection area,,is that why its crashing , that this tool isn't good at getting very
tall terrain areas, or just is a bit buggy in CE 5.5 or such ( I know a lot is in the works, so just asking ).


Re: export terrain block crash

Have you updated your Engine to the latest version?
Are you using GameSDK?
If you are using GameSDK have you updated that to the latest version as well?
What is your terrain max height?
How big is your map?
Are you exporting as trb?

Could not reproduce on 5.5 preview 6 GameSDK
I have imported a hightmap to a terrain max height 5000
then exported as terrain block without any issues.

Could you give us the exact reproduction steps?

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