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I've been Mentally Ill, for 10 - 15 years, Partly from watching Too much American entertainment.

I developed a weird interest, in religions, I read Buddhism and, Orthodox Christian teachings (Saints, Monks, Epic Nuns) ..

In the Bible God is described, as being Love and, Truth. Jesus says, I am the Truth, way and, The Life (He's God, in Flesh). He also says, in Mark -- 'God is Love'. However, what is the Holy spirit ?? I've meditated and, to me, I think -- the Holy Spirit, is innocence .. This is not, in the Bible, though ..

I'm deeply Fascinated, by Holy Knights -- Christian Knights ..

I would like, to make, a game about the Templars .. They were disbanded and, their leaders Tortured and, burnt at, the stake, in 1307 ..

They were Disbanded, on false accusations, of Heresy ..

I want to tell a story, about a Young Templar, who has a Vision of, the Holy Face of, God -- He sees, God is not Just Truth, Love, but God in Full, is Truth, Love and, Innocence .. He tells the Templars, of This, and, They agree. They tell the Pope and, of Their Will to, Preach this New Truth .. The Pope is Un-willing to Change the Core nature of, the Trinity, he says, that it is For God alone, and, Threatens the Templars with excommunication and, being Heretics .. The Templars say their Teaching, is From God and, they Will Preach it .. The Pope orders them rounded up, and when torture isn't enough to, make Them Renounce the True, Inner Trinity, He has them Burnt, as Heretics --- And, to cover the Truth, he falsifies the Charges, Against them ..

The young Templar who had the vision, escapes but, the Pope declares him an Enemy, of the Faith and, forms a Secret Order charged, with Hunting the Last Templars .. The game is about this Secret War, between the Templars and, the Papacy, the Holy See .. They Want to survive, and Preach the True Face of, the Trinity and, the Pope wants to Prevent it, from fear it will damage faith and, religion .. And be a detriment to, God him-self ..

The game is about a Templar trying to survive Assassination attempts and, persecution (Secret police, Rulers, Mayors in league, With the Pope) .. Like, a Reverse Assassin's Creed ..

I'm the one who had, This Vision .. Do you want to help improve Christianity, for the Benefit of, the World .. Preaching the Templar message, That Truth, Love and, Innocence are, the Greatest Inner Values but, must be supplemented, by others (like, the Four Cardinal Virtues etc etc ) ..
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