Any Schematic 2.0 updates?

It has been a long time since we've heard anything about schematic 2.0.

The concept pictures looked cool.

Will the finite state machine concepts and such remain, and the signals concepts or will it be more like the unreal blueprints system? Kind of like how schematic works currently as it uses familiar programming concepts. Also, will 2.0 be the final-ish version or do you plan to do more major iterations?

Also, what about behaviour trees and such? Are those planned?

It is difficult to choose cryengine for my project since unreal already has so many things, and there are tutorials to get up to speed with how to do things - but the gamesdk is such a great resource to learn from - You can start prototyping levels and things without first having to build 100's of pieces from scratch. And why no more livestreams or even some pre-recorded stuff? CryEngine needs more love man.

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