Why isn't the Cryengine this game uses properly configured?

Just by entering the following directives, I was able to drastically improve the ingame performance:

sys_budget_videomem = 8192
sys_budget_sysmem = 16384
sys_streaming_cpu = 6
sys_specs = 4
r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 4096
Especially the limits for RAM and VRAM were ridiculously low, which is in my opinion main reason of inefficient gfx asset caching and resulting stuttering during the gameplay.

I really do not understand while the game is not started by a simple init process that would pull the relevant configuration parameters (RAM and VRAM size, number of cores, etc), and set the corresponding UE4 configration options.
Cryengine is an efficient engine that scales well with modern HW capabilities, however in this case, it's clearly not used properly up to its potential.
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Re: Why isn't the Cryengine this game uses properly configured?

I'd love this and any other specs that'd be of use.

Sandbox takes forever for some things like blendspaces, average 5-10 frames there -.-

Even Hunt, at its 'early-free-pre-alpha' or wtvs (a disaster of optimization but thats expected) ran on more frames than what I have now in sandbox stock FPS template (or even launcher...)
my sandobx on blank project run at 189 fps, i think u need to check out your pc build man, and hunt showdown had some optimization issue on first release but they fixed it at least 4 months ago i think u need to check out more frequently news also

Re: Why isn't the Cryengine this game uses properly configured?

It doesn't exist, you probably mean sys_spec. (0=custom, 1=low, 2=med, 3=high, 4=very high, 5=XboxOne, 6=PS4)

I don't think this does anything to increase performance. I think it's the overall graphics setting, probably the same as you can find in the menu Graphics Settings... (except 5 & 6, the Xbox and PS4 setting, I guess)

General tips for CryEngine console:

If you type 'sys_spec' and hit enter you'll see a help text with the values above. There is a small help text for almost every command.

If you don't know the exact name of a command, you can type a question mark first, as in

This will list every command that contains "sys" somewhere, not necessarily begin with it, though, if you start typing "sys" and hit tab, it will list every command beginning with "sys", if there is only one command, it will auto-complete the command.

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