Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

working on the reloaded forum and resource site I have started to download everything the waybackmachine has from the old site ... its downloaded 4GB so far and guess what ....

there are 5 images of the reloaded thread I started almost 9 years ago and that I had lost and thought I would never see again. I am not too optimistic but maybe the wayback download will have more of my thread, it certainly has a lot of the images from all the other threads on mods and singleplayer levels from Crymod.
Sorting that is going to be a nightmare but I am confident that emacs will dig out the best how to texts from this dragon cave of treasures... ... .php?tid=6
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Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

roadmap and summary in the works
reloaded (working title FarCry reloaded) is a custom remake of the original FarCry and Crysis linking the 2 stories together in separate games.
this is a cryengine2 mod and you will need the PC version of Crysis (1) to play this.
it is going to be absolutely free for anyone who wants to play it.

Part one is going to be the FarCry remake:
it will stick to the original story mostly but get rid of Doyle and have only one type of Trigen (designed from scratch along the lines of the zombies in the "I am Legend" movie).
Valerie is going to be in the intro but she wont make it and Jack might find her body later or not.

the demo is going to be one level that happens years after Jacks adventure. One of the Krieger labs went into lockdown during Jacks stay and turned into an AI governed tomb for the scientists inside - trapped with their creation - a couple of trigens.
An incident brings the player and some krieger corp mercenaries onto the island which has a small training base for korean special forces. The koreans are unaware of the existence of the lab and during this level they learn of the Trigen threat and decide to seal off the islands with heavy fighting drones (walkers supported by small flying discs to aid tracking and targeting).
the nano suit player is tasked with taking care of the trigens and the mercs have their own reasons to get into the lab.

Part two is the Crysis remake, playing years later with the player on a recon mission. It will get rid of raptor team, JSOC
and the aliens. The archipelago has turned into a 'stalker' like zone guarded by drones and remaining Trigens roaming around.
Player has nano suit and a mission - story details still need to be done.

I think a working demo level (without the Trigens and drones maybe) could be done by April 2019 as a proof of concept. From then on it would take another year maybe to get most done.
Part 1 and 2 would have 10 levels each (max).

main motivation to do this to a 10/14 year old game is that I felt so betrayed back then because of the handholding - linear - cutscene littered - storyline that ruined FarCry and Crysis for me,... kind of :)
I just need to remake this thing without Doyle blabbering in my ear about what to do and Prophet telling me what is going on right before my eyes.

I think I can pull this off because I am not going to 'rebuild' FarCry in cryengine2. We are going to use all the Crysis assets and while there is a lot of work to be done it might turn out to be feasible.
I will need to build the hangglider and buggy etc from FarCry but I am not going to recreate the weapons or make new ones. The mercenaries are going to be reskinned Koreans and the Trigen redesign plus the fighting drones are the only really difficult parts to get done.

The demo level is going to try implementing a networked AI - meaning the Mercs and Koreans act more realistically. It will also try to prove that we can have good gameplay without AreaTriggers and ActionBubbles making the whole experience less linear and so on...
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