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Hi BlueArrow,
I've developed a sophisticated simulator (aircraft, trains, ships, spacecraft, cars) that uses very large photorealistic terrain maps built from brushes. The standard demo map, Seattle, was well over 100 km across. Yes, the terrain is real, you can land and walk anywhere. Fortunately there is a CVAR that allows brushes to be solid outside the standard map area.
I've now developed a new system that effectively makes the map the size of the world. You could literally fly from London to New York, if you had sufficient patience! It works by moving the entire contents of the map (terrain, scenery objects, vehicle entities). However far you drive or fly you will always be close to the Sandbox origin. The code creates the terrain and scenery objects according to a world landclass database.
The system was developed on CE3 (the free SDK). The bad news is that it may not work in CE5. I loaded a terrain grid into CE5 and found that it was not solid, so it was useless. Only after scaling down maybe 80% did it become solid.
I would appreciate some help from Crytek to resolve this problem. If it works in CE3 surely it should work in CE5.
The simulator is completely free. I have released several versions over the years.

I tried to post some screenshots, but no joy, looks like it's still not working.
Could you also *please* fix the 256kb file limit, I always have to reduce the screen shot sizes.
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Re: Terrain Size Problem

Ok that makes sense. That's what I thought.

:shock: omg that is amazing, this needs to be in cryengine 5! That's impressive. I think a lot of game concepts would make use of this. If the cryengine team could fix your issues, maybe you could sell it as a terrain tool/plugin or something.

Re: Terrain Size Problem

Hi BlueArrow,
Thanks for the comments! Attachments seem to be working now, so I've posted a few screen shots, also in the previous post. Oooops, there are still problems with attachments, I could only post two in this post.
I would like to convert the simulator for CE5, but, apart from the terrain solidity problem, it would require a huge amount of work. It literally took years to make the jump from CE2 to CE3, and the jump to CE5 is much bigger. Also, Crytek keep threatening to drop Lua support, which is essential for the simulator.
I've been developing the simulator since the days of Crysis (CE2), and it is very sophisticated. It has some features that may never have been in any commercial simulators.
One example: it has full support for carrier operations. The carriers are standard simulator vehicles (all can be driven/flown manually and all can run under a sophisticated AI system, including full combat).
Other vehicles (e.g. cars or aircraft) can automatically attach to the carrier, simply by driving or landing onto it. So you can land, taxi and take off from a carrier moving at speed. AI vehicles can do the same. I've used quite a few commercail flight sims but I don't think any could do this.
In the screen shots, *all* the ground scenery (terrain, houses and trees etc) is dynamically placed in-game by the code. This makes it possible to fill the entire world with dense scenery.

I'll get around to making a new youtube of the simulator. But for now, there's an old youtube: ... el&list=UL
Remember, it's around five years old so it's ancient history.

If you or anyone else would be interested in testing the latest beta version, that could be done. But it does require Cry Engine free SDK, version 3.58
Best regards,

I was able to post some screen shots, so it's working again. Also, several shots were larger than the 256kb limit, so has the limit been increased?
The bad news is that there's still a serious problem. After attaching, when I clicked SUBMIT there was an HTTP error and the screen shots were lost.
Could this have been because they were too large? Previously it gave an error message when this happened.
What is the current size limit? Could I suggest it should be at the very least 1 MB. Computers do have a lot of memory these days!
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Re: Terrain Size Problem

Hello my name is Carlos, I live in Brazil.
I found your project on the web and found it very good, hopefully you can bring it to cryenginer5.
I am currently working on something for arospatial simulator and its design and very good even congratulations!

Re: Terrain Size Problem

Hi Carlos,
Thanks for the comments!
I would like to convert the simulator to CE5, but there appears to be a serious technical problem: unlike CE3, CE5 seems incapable of supporting terrain brushes of size 14 * 7 km (if they appear at all in Sandbox they are not solid, which is essential).
At some stage I may post a question on this issue. If I don't get any support from Crytek then the simulator probably won't appear on CE5.
If you or anyone else would be *seriously* interested in testing the simulator, then it could be done - but it would require installation of the free SDK.
Best regards,

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