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It took me the EffectGhosting the no does not work. I go into the documentation, and that I see half the effects on the list will be deleted in the future.
QUESTION! How can I get these effects? Crytek is very strange to be cured of the well-established features. Take the Shaders, Crytek stupidly remove the old shaders by not substituting them for anything, the Material Editor is already insignificantly meager, and as a result, we only lose nothing when we receive a substitute. The same seems to happen with the effects of images. Then do the postprocessing shader as in UE4, so that you can create different effects yourself ... ctGhosting

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I agree. I have no idea why they are removing the EffectRainDrops for example. It looks really good and I really like this effect. Perfect for a rainy scene. Why on earth is that being deprecated? I can't think of a good reason for the removal of these effects. Especially the rain drops one because I use it a lot. Oh well, I guess I'll have to write my own shader then. Shouldn't be too hard.
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Re: Image Nodes

Check the roadmap under 5.6 in Graphics and Rendering. Customizable Post Effects are coming. There is your substitute.
It is interesting! but how can this be realized in Cryengine? The UE4 uses a flexible Material Editor, you create an effect and output it to post-processing. But the Material Editor in Cryengine is absolutely useless, it can not create any effects. And I'm very curious if (Customizable Post-effect Pipeline) can create custom effects as it might look. Here's an example of such a thing

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