Substance Painter to Cryengine problem.

Hi all, I am having alot of trouble getting my mesh to look decent in engine after export from Substance painter I have tried exporting from Quixel Suite, Photoshop "Using the Crytiff plug in" and Painter "Using the Cryengine export Preset" . I also contacted Algorithmic support they seemed to have no idea what the problem was and I have been lead here. Alas to no avail I cant seem to get my mesh to look even close to how it does in Painter. Any help is much appreciated! I will post some screen shots I hope this will help you all understand my problem better.
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Re: Substance Painter to Cryengine problem.

So it appears you were right that alot of my problems derived from my spec, smoothness, and diffuse not being set to the correct values however my Diffuse is still very dark after I export it out of painter which makes it look as you might expect dark in the engine "Look at my UVs were the diffuse is lighter then the Diffuse image I just posted" any idea what might be causing this?
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Re: Substance Painter to Cryengine problem.

Possibly, also you have a smoothness map in the Normal map Alpha Channel right? If so I'm pretty sure the smoothness value has to be 1 for it read correctly.
Another thing you can check out just to rule any issues out, is the Texture's preset in the resource compiler. You can double click the textures in the asset browser and the resource compiler should pop up.
Have you can also re-generated the Environment Probe's cube-map to see if that makes a difference.
If I remember correctly as well, it is that Substance Painter & CryEngine viewport renders do not 100% match each other, so that might be making some differences.
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