Re: How to have Mutiple people working on a Cry Engine 5 Project ?

Depends on what kind of project you are talking about and how it is set up.
If your game has several levels then you can each work on different levels.
If you are talking about one large level then you can each work on different layers then import the layers to a final level build.
If you are talking about several people on the same level at the same time then I don't think you can.

Like most teams everyone is going to have a certain skills for example programmer, sound engineer, level designer, asset designer, and so on. So you can pass the level or levels from one person to the next depending on what is ready to go in.

Re: How to have Mutiple people working on a Cry Engine 5 Project ?

This is how my friends and I are doing it. We each have our own projects that we work with. Some are creating assets and sending them to everyone. We are trying to keep all projects asset pathways the same for fewer problems. Some are making the levels and sending them to me. Then I compile all the levels (copy their levels to my level folder) and make sure the materials, textures, objects, sounds, etc they send to me are set to the same pathways as they were in their projects. Then I make the menus that load/unload levels based on game play or menu interaction using flowgraph. As they create more levels I just add it in to the main project. Then I export and send the game to each of them for testing.

This works for us but it may not work this way for all projects. If you give a little detail about your team and project setup then we can help more.

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