DataBase Viev

CryEngine 5.3 and CryEngine 5.5
There is such a mistake, before it was not.
[Error] #### - ERROR - ####: Loading Duplicate Library: libs / particles / water.xml
Image Has anyone encountered this problem?
I'm from Russia, I apologize for such a translation.

Re: DataBase Viev

You have to use the new Particle Editor under Tools menu, not the old one under Database View.
How can I see the list of all particles? in the "particle editor" I can not do this. Earlier I could see through "DataBase"

Re: DataBase Viev

You can convert old particles that are from the GameSDK Sample project into the new format, simply select them from the Database View and in the new particle editor click Import from pfx.

The new particle editor uses the Asset System which means you load a particle by loading the file into the Particle Editor.
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