Re: Problem with password !!!

I'm guessing that would be in the CRYENGINE Launcher is that correct?
Obviously you have successfully logged in onto our Forums to make this topic.

The same password should work in the CRYENGINE Launcher.
If it does not, then we would suggest resetting your password.

How to change/reset your password:
Go to
Enter your email and click submit.
You should receive an email from us. In case it is not there check your spam folder.
In this email click on the "RESET PASSWORD" button.
You will get redirected to our website where you can set your new Password.
After you have set your new password go to
Log in.

You can only change your password by resetting it since we have no special “change password” button.
Once you received the reset password email use it within 24 hours or else it will expire.
During the Password reset you have 15 minutes to enter your password, else the session will expire.

In case it does not work:
- clear cache and data from your web browser, try again.
- try with another browser.

Please let us know if the solution has helped.

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