Flappy Boid 04 - Game Over Text


I'm working through the Flappy Boid tutorial and I'm having trouble on the "Game Over" text section. I was able to make the GameOverBox without any trouble. After that, I duplicated the box and dragged it up. I applied the 3dtext G model and set the scale to 2x2x2m, but the text doesn't appear on the screen. I've deleted it and redone it a couple of times. I feel like I must be missing a step, but I've followed the instructions step-by-step.

I've attached an image. The axis pointers are where the G should be.
g.PNG (519.87 KiB) Viewed 994 times
Can anyone offer advice? Is there something missing from the instructions?

Re: Flappy Boid 04 - Game Over Text

Please avoid double-posting, edit your post instead.
Please do not post the same thread in multiple forums.

What shader are you using for the material? did you try assigning a different material?
Please name the "Model" .cgf from within the properties.
Please reproduce and open the Warning & Error history in the top right corner.
This should give you an indication on what could be wrong.
This info is also in the editor.log within the root directory of your project.
As mentioned in the other forum you can just submit the issue through the Launcher.

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