Blurry materials

Hi, I decided to give Cryengine a go but I can't get around this issue with materials (please see attached screenshot). I've am using engine version 5.4(latest stable version right?) with the C++ FPS project. I have not changed a single thing. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Every model I try to import in has the exact same problem. I've tried verifying the engine and re-downloading the engine. I also recreated the project about 10 times. I've attached a screenshot of the problem. I also get warnings when I open the editor "XML reader: Can't open file (assets\animations\mannequin\preview\sdk_playerpreview1p.xml)". Are these warnings normal? I didn't change or do anything other than create and open the project. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Re: Blurry materials

Do they look blurry in the Viewport too? Ignore the material preview in the Material Editor. That thing hasn't worked right in years. I always use the viewport to check textures. Best preview there is.
I didn't try dropping them into the viewport. Of course I had rebooted restarted redownloaded many times before but this time the material viewer looks correct now and I didn't do anything! I'll use the viewport to confirm materials from now on. Thanks!

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