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I make a corridor for example, which consist of identical modules. To get rid of tiling units, I use vertex paint. But instead of that would be to do it in the engine, I have to do it in the 3D Max, anticipating how it will look in the engine. But even so, it does not help get rid of the tiling. You just get a tighter pattern, only with the same vertex painting. We have cloned the same model several times to paint the vertices in different ways, and all these copies of the same model to import into the engine. Did I think one, as far as this basic technology is outdated. I'm sure that any developer not familiar with Cryengine be terribly disappointed that the engine is not capable of such elementary things. And while I did not notice that the road map would have had plans to improve this function, maybe I missed it! Or can shader node system, will include the improvement of the function. But I can not figure out exactly why Kraytek ignore the obvious shortcomings of the engine

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It's all very inconvenient, as compared to other engines. There is so correctly implemented, you create a scene of the modules in the engine, then Simply choose an object, take a brush, choose the material and begins to draw. Very comfortably! another + on the same object, you can draw several materials. In Cryengine not you see the end result, it is necessary to invent tricks that would achieve the desired result, and mix only 2 material. Very uncomfortable, very limited

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Post images when you have such issues to help get better advice.
If you look in the \Tools\CryMaxTools\Utilities\BlendLayerPreviewShader folder you will find a blend shader for previewing in 3dmax, not tried it for a while so not sure what versions of max it supports.
Read here

If you paint different sections randomley then export these with vertex paint as different objects then they should all be different in engine. Yes blend layer still works so make sure you have this enabled in engine. You can also paint AO to objects using vertex paint so can use the normal and alpha channels for variations to your model. Might i also suggest if you are exporting multiple object to offset there uv's differently also. ;)

You can also make multiple materials with different textures or similar textures for each variation..
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