Re: [CEVPlayer] - Video player plugin for CRYENGINE V

chernecoff wrote:@mohamedtr, you copy this dlls to you project bin folder, you need also copy to engine binaries for using flownodes in you project.


Also change dll name in you .cryproject file to CEVPlayer.dll


And remove CryVideoPlayer.dll - it's deprecated :)

p.s. Sorry, my mistake - i need update WIKI information))

Same problem :/

the node doesn't appear , it said missing node :/

Re: [CEVPlayer] - Video player plugin for CRYENGINE V

@mohamedtr, Sorry for soo long answer. Can you give me more information about problem ?
1. You use pre-build binaries or you compiled it itself?
2. If you use pre-build binaries how it named ? or ?
3. What engine you use? 5.4 stable or other?
4. Can you attach you editor.log ?
5. You try use example project? It's worked on editor mode? In game mode?

Best regards

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