Re: A little question about Nintendo Switch

There's no support announced for it, so I wouldn't expect anything too soon.

With that said, I'd be surprised if part of the work on the rendering engine isn't to make new platforms like Linux, mobile and the Switch possible. It seems a lost opportunity not to try and expand into mobile now. With Khronos support in progress, and work on the Linux build getting done in the background...I'd be a little surprised if they didn't try and target mobile and the switch in the next 18 months.

EDIT: Personally, I would love the code to be able to build on a 64 bit Linux ARM HF platform, like the ODROID C2. That thing is pretty impressive for a SoC, with 2GB RAM, video capable of 4K 10bit playback, gigabit networking, and a 1.5ghz quad core CPU. I can see a SoC like that working as a game server.

Re: A little question about Nintendo Switch

Do you think we'll see Nintendo Switch support? All the other engines seem to have it or have it planned.
Are you a official developer of Nintendo Switch games? Is not enough to want to make a NS game, afaik you need permission from Nintendo for that (that is true for Xbox and Playstation), and I believe they don't give that permission to just anyone, you need to be a developer with some relevant games already on the market.

Re: A little question about Nintendo Switch

Focus on a pc game first, finish it, use that as a showcase and contact Nintendo and tell them you want to port it to the Switch platform. Get a youtube channel out, get some videos up, get a website up so they see you can handle things in a professional manner. That way its much easier to get on the platform.

Also you'll probably need a devkit from Nintendo.

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