Re: physics issue

Does AI from gamesdk have collision with rigidbodyEX or any other physics Entities?

i thought RigidbodyEX and other physics Enities from the game sdk were suppose to have collision or is it the model/mesh that needs to have them?

ive got it working in a different way.

i made a schematyc entity using mesh, rigidbody, box collider and Attached using Entity:AttachmentEX node and the animation makes it swing and damages the AI, although it sometimes sends him flying!
Does the object the weapon hits have a proxy for collision?

Re: physics issue

I don't know if the models from the Free Medieval weapons pack in the Market Place have proxy! Material for them does not even show up right so i was using GameSDK Generic metal materials.

idk much about modeling with 3DS max, my teams designer has been learning a little in Blender, and may try to and use any available plugins to export to Cry.

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