Static linking (.lib) in C++

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Is there any tutorial how to statically link library into my game.dll ? Back in the days, it was easy in CryEngine 3.x, even with Waf build system, it was not really hard, but I'm new to cmake and new CryEngine version (I'm switching a projet from 3.6.15 to 5.4 !), so any help could be helpfull...

Today, I'm plane to use VRPN system into CryEngine, and why not WiiUse libs. I succeed in the old time, but here, it is just how to make my project take in count this libs. (Flowgraph, nodes and other will naturally follow and won't be a problem)

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Re: Static linking (.lib) in C++

ue4 or unity has its own build system. but you can use old way to add lib or dll .just search .lib keyword in source code.

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CryBrofilerConfig.cmake(12): set_target_properties(CryBrofiler PROPERTIES INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES "${CRYENGINE_SOURCE_DIR}/Code/SDKs/Brofiler/ProfilerCore64.lib") \FbxSdk.cmake(19): IMPORTED_IMPLIB_DEBUG "${SDK_DIR}/FbxSdk/lib/${FBX_SUBFOLDER}/x64/debug/libfbxsdk-md.lib") \PortAudio.cmake(4):set(LIBSNDFILE_LIB_NAME libsndfile-1.lib) FrameProfiler_impl.pc.h(20):LINK_THIRD_PARTY_LIBRARY("SDKs/GPA/lib64/libittnotify.lib") EyeTrackerInput.cpp(15):#pragma comment (lib, "Tobii.EyeX.Client.lib") StdAfx.h(234): #define NV_API_LIB "SDKs/NVIDIA/NVAPI_r386/amd64/nvapi64.lib" FrameProfileRender.cpp(31):LINK_SYSTEM_LIBRARY("psapi.lib")

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