How to set-up an IK rig with blender?

I wan't to know how to set-up an IK rig with blender
I'm using a skeleton from mixamo and i added some IK bones and modified the chrparameters but I get some warnings form cryengine "JointName "mixiamorig:RIK_Target" not found in skeleton" (or someting like this) but I have that bone in the skeleton

Re: How to set-up an IK rig with blender?

Hi there,

Perhaps you can show some screens of your chrparams and blender hierachy. Some information as to your process you use to export from blender and import the character into CRYENGINE.
Which IK are you wanting to implement? Limb/Aim/Look Pose/All?
Have you tried using the BCry exporter? Are you following any documentation or tutorial?
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