How do i change the hud?

I'm very new to cryengine, been using it for about 2 weeks and i have no idea how to change the hud. I'm using the CryengineSDK project and created my own level and i want to change the sdk hud with a simple hud with only a dot as a crosshair. Any help?

Re: How do i change the hud?

Hi there,

The GameSDK UI uses Scaleform, this is based on Adobe Flash.
You can change the crosshair by modifying the file using either Adobe Flash CS6 or alternatively the free Vectorian Giotto/FlashDevelop method.

The original Flash UI assets can be found on GitHub: ... sshair.swf

Documentation regarding UI can be found here: ... uick+Start

And specifically for Vectorian giotto: ... ashDevelop
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