Splat Maps

Add Splat Maps for more convenient and high-quality terrain painting. This video clearly demonstrates what an excellent result this technology gives. In manual it is practically impossible to achieve such a soft mixing of materials

Re: Splat Maps

I agree
Im from unity and usising splatmap for moutain are really nice and its impossible to do the same rendering with slope paint
There was a plugin a Ce3 version to add splatmap , I hope someone will do the same on Ce5.

Re: Splat Maps

The CE3 plugin was better than nothing, but the splat maps couldn't specify the merging like they can with Unity's splat maps via grey levels in the channels. The author noted Cryengine did the blending and he had no control over it.

Hopefully good news though - I see in CE5.5 weighted blending of terrain layers has been done. There might not be splat map import ability but that won't be hard to add on top.

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