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After some time I thought that I should revive this thread somehow. ;)
So - without further ado - my last project.
It´s a small and fast project I did in Cryengine. Every screenshot was taken in-engine. No Photoshop used for Color correction etc.
I plan on doing more of these stuff. Critics are welcome so that I can enhance some stuff next time. Image Image Image Image I also created a short track view sequence which I´ll post soon.

Snow Mountains

Inspired by Crytek's The Climb VR,This is a scene I have created with Cryengine. Each asset including the mountains are modelled and textured with Substance.
The DP count is 920 while the poly count is 1930.
Tried to add some ww2 feel with the IAF planes above also modelled and textured by me. Image Image Image I have been using Cryengine for 6 long years now.
You can see my other works in my portfolio at:
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Re: CRYENGINE Art Thread

haven't uploaded something in a while. a little swamp artwork, pretty liked it.
Image Image Image

WaterVolume has not a bad SSR, but the objects located in the distance are well reflected, everything that is near is distorted both in a curved mirror. I want at last to see in the engine one high-quality SSR for all types of shaders.
Here, for example, SSR from Dishonored 2, this is not a planar reflection of this SSR! if you lower the camera, the reflection will disappear. Image

Re: CRYENGINE Art Thread

I experimented a bit with particles to create some filters/visual effects. These two are the same, they just use different blending modes. I like the one that uses multiplicative blending, even though it's susceptible to the blocky artifacting around the sun.

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