FlowGraphEntity is a custom class?

I am a beginner in Cryengine, but I a programmer and I work with Unity a any time.
I followed the beginners tutorials and I have a doubt. The tutorial says:
create a "FlowgraphEntity" under "Create Object>Entity>Default" but in my create panel don´t exist the "FlowgraphEntity".
I have to create a Empty Entity and add a Folow Graph.

So, FlowGraphEntity is a custom class and becouse this I don´t have in my project?
If is true, how I put it in my project?

Re: FlowGraphEntity is a custom class?

It´s good know this. Now I know it's just an aesthetic issue.
In the examples that I saw, where the FlowGraphEntity exist like a default entity, I liked of the it´s icon in helper (FG).

But now with your help I got it create a Custom Entity (C# yet). The next stepes is change the properties.

Thanks for your help.

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