Corrupted .obj mesh import from Crysis 1 to 3DS Max 2015

I am trying to import meshes from Crysis to 3ds Max 2015.

Crysis on Steam comes with Sandbox 2 editor packaged. I open the editor -> "Brush" a weapon -> File -> Export selected as obj

Now on to 3DS Max -> Import -> Select that obj

I have tried various combinations of the importing options, such as:
- flip/don't flip yz
- flip/don't flip normals
- Retriangulate polygons
- import as single mesh

This is how the meshes look like: (example of a few weapons):

I have succesfully managed to import meshses from older games in the past, but Crysis apparently is something else..

What can men do to import a mesh from Crysis to 3DS Max? What does it take? Do i have to sell my soul to the devil to accomplish such a feat (:D) ? An obj file is supposed to be a straight forward, human readable format.

Unfortunately the images i initially uploaded, didn't show up. So here they are:



Please hhelp.

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