Re: The particle editor is bad!

I posted the error files. I'm trying to work with the particle editor. The particle editor falls periodically. I noticed that after the last care with the particle editor, a window without elements remains empty, when the blank window is closed, the engine drops 100%. Why is this happening?

Re: The particle editor is bad!

Hi my friend! I very much am grateful to you for the help. The problem is solved: all problem has been connected with incorrect work with the engine; at completion of work with the engine it was necessary to close surely the editor of particles. Otherwise at a new blousing of the project the empty window of the editor of particles appeared - actually it and created fall of the program. Now I actively study the editor of particles and I can tell one he is great! In him there is practically everything that I want to realize, and, above all big FPS! If you doesn't complicate, you can answer me one question? I have learned that it is possible to add static geometry to the system of particles. Whether it is possible to replace static geometry animated, for example deformation of an object from 3d max ?

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