Re: VAT number?

Unable to download anything due to the requirement for the European VAT Number which I do not have as set as Private.

If a value is added to this vat field I get: "Invalid value for vatId Only alphanumeric characters, spaces and dashes are allowed."
If I add no value in this vat field: "Only alphanumeric characters, spaces and dashes are allowed."

This is with multiple browsers, trusted settings added, all content is free and my first attempt to download. Please can this be fixed or a workaround advised?

New here, just starting out.

Re: VAT number?

Hey Mark,

This is odd indeed, the European VAT field is not a required field and does not need to be filled for the form to proceed to the next stage.
Can you confirm that the other fields in the form do not break the character/format rules?

If you still have issues can you PM me with the data you entered or a screenshot of the form in question?

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