Decal results differ from editor to in-game

Hi all!

Are your decals behaving oddly in 5.4 as well?

We have several issues of perfectly working decals in 5.3 creating creating nasty stretching, have their projection depth way off and lack alpha (black squares, really) in the launcher of 5.4. In the editor they work fine.

What is interesting is that it is only some of them that do this while others work as intended. I'm wondering if it's got to do with what sort of surface they are being projected upon (POM enabled or not, etc).

I'd be interested to hear if any of you have encounted any similar issues with decals, thank you. :)

Here's a brick wall in the editor:


And the same wall in-game:


The interior has a black dirt sort of decal that's bleeding through and projecting a big black square on the outer wall as you can see.

Here's another decal on a stonewall of a bridge in the editor:


And here it is in-game:


- Trusty

Re: Decal results differ from editor to in-game

Both issues listed above seems to be due to the angle based fading shader param in the mtl of the decal. When I lower that to 0 (it's 1 by default) I get identical results in the editor and in-game.

So it seems to be a bug that is causing the setting going from 1 (which it is in the editor with no issues) to 0 (which causes identical issues) in-game.

Here's the bridge example again in the editor this time with 0 in the decal angle based fading shader param:


Any input on how to solve this would be appreciated, thank you. :)

- Trusty

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