Matching Lighting in Engine to in Editor

Hey there people, like the title says, I need to match the lighting settings I have in the editor to my exported game. I am assuming the best way to do this is with the game.cfg? If so is there a method for exporting the editor settings to this file so I don't have to get a huge variable list and set them manually one by one in the text file?

Lighting is going to be critical for this project I am working on and as you can see the difference between the shadows and gi here is pretty significant:



Re: Matching Lighting in Engine to in Editor

Well after some querying of various renderer related cvars, and updating video drivers, I have come to the conclusion that there is some strangeness afoot somewhere in the way the editor exports and or the way the engine interprets the data exported from the editor because none of those trials fixed the issue. What did, however was replacing the sphere in the test scene with a cone made everything work as it should. In other words, noise, I think you are absolutely right, there is some mystery to the lighting in 5.4 for sure. Hopefully in the next revision we see that stabilized a little bit.


Re: Matching Lighting in Engine to in Editor

Hey Kyle

My first recommendation is to go through Flowgraph to test and force the settings in your scene. You can even debug through key input to see how it differs in lighting setups in the launcher this way. Then print the name of the settings to the screen so you can monitor. A good example for this is the Baron Haussmann demo that came out last year which incorporated a similar Flow Graph setup.



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