[Released] Outcast: Legacy of the Yods (Open Outcast)

Hey there! I just found on a Facebook that Outcast: Legacy of the Yods (former OpenOutcast project) is still alive and they even released a CryEngine 3 demo a few months ago! They even went with it on Greenlight and succeeded.

Legacy of the Yods is in Top-100 list for Indie of the Year 2017 competition.
Hi Everyone!
Thank you so far for your support in the Indie of the Year awards! We received a nomination and are in the Top 100!
Continue to support us via this link. Once again thank you!
http://www.indiedb.com/groups/2017-indi ... 0#vote8116

Trailer and Gameplay video:


This is amazing! Check this out:
Image Image Image Image Winter update: Image Image
Image Image Image Demo release: http://www.indiedb.com/games/legacy-of- ... ds-release

This is one of the best looking CryEngine projects that I've ever seen. I think this should be covered in a news post on the main page!
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