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Is there a way to setup culling layers for camera? I want to implement multi camera solution for FPS game, where I can freely setup FOV for world camera (and of course it doesn't affect to player arms)?
I read about this approach in STAP, but cannot find any way how i can implement this fastly.
Thank you very much.

Re: Multi camera


Digging 'FOV' in CE sources was non informative. CE operates with camera settings in render code, but the main idea was find where it setted up properly. :)
If you need to implement different FOV you should use ViewSystem of CE, EntitySlots and correct EntitySlotFlags: ENTITY_SLOT_RENDER_NEAREST.
Moreover, you can render object with custom camera (you need to pass camera settings to your shader), so multi camera is possible.

Thank all.

Re: Multi camera

no, it is not possible for now. because there is no such cullling mask thing there. and never seen cry engine game render second camera laying on top of each other. it is not unity like.

mult camera is just used for switching camera. only a camera is active.

Re: Multi camera

There is no cullings layers but there is a possibility to pass your params to render.
Camera settings is just a couple of shader uniforms. CE allows you to pass custom frustum settings while object is rendered. It is enough for me.
Anyway, i've already done :)
Thank you!

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