crash when load a level

hi engineers, i don't know if is the right place im sorry if i wrong place, i have some crashes when i load my level in the launcher when i use the command "loadlastsave mylevelname" i don't know what is that, someone told me that is a mannequin problem from my ai that missed some animation, but i check and everything is fine , i will post down here the screenshot
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Re: crash when load a level

Hey ik,
Can you let us know if you are still having issues with this?
If you are can you provide some reproducible steps for us?

hey flare, hi mknmknmknjk this is a short video of the problem.. it happen when i save and then load the level, aniway i found the way to upgrade my project from 3.8.6 to 5.3 and this problem seems have been fixed from crytek.

congrats for your new role in the community staff, happy to see someone that come from the old community ;)

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