footsteps sounds & decals

I'm trying to make a little christmas game demo for this year but i cant get the footsteps sounds and decals working. I did a search on the net and couldnt find the solution yet so im asking here.

I read somewhere that there are footstep decals but how to get them ?

also: How does one make the footstep sounds ?

Re: footsteps sounds & decals

Thanks for replying !
Can you clarify following things for us?
- Which engine build are you using?
- Which audio middleware and version of it?
- Are you working with the GameSDK example project or a custom one? using 5
2.idk cos im just starting
3.using the gamesdk atm but would want to start a new one if it works out

so if i had the footstep audio clips in wav format how do i use them ?

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