Re: Time synchronization, Server/Client

No the delay will be the same.

If I move forward then move left, I'll move different distances because the time for W-was-pressed is shorter/longer than it was on the client.
I can't just 'safeguard' against this so yea

I also can't run this 'only on the server', because (lets suppose) I play a charging-jump animation. Other clients + me need to look like we're charging, so I can't have only the client or only the server charge up and send the final result.

Besides, I can't have the client executing actions in the past relative to the server. I'd have to either
A) Buffer inputs on the server by about 100ms to catch as much as I can (= delays on input)
B) Roll back the server every time a client's input 'pressed-time' was in the past (or say more than 100ms in the past)

Of the two the only semi-viable one is the input buffer and I'm loath to use it.

Re: Time synchronization, Server/Client

1) Buffering on CLIENT side solves nothing
2) I can buffer on the server and then trigger based on time-sent not time-received , it's the only solution I've come up with BUT that's going to basically add about 20-30ms of delay on player input....

20-30ms because I'm guestimating the average player packet-travel-time variation (it should be fairly stable but still).

I was just hoping on some other solution .-.

On that note, anyone sync up simulation rates between client/server? Changing the frame-tick CVar just kills the game for me XD

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