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Thank you Jannis for the outline of how things are done. Although , I won't be able to follow you to actually get it done it gives me an idea of what is required. I believe it will be a lot easier to make characters that use the generic skeleton and default animations for FPS games but my team wants to implement zombies that bites and does not shoot, I would think that given how zombies move stiffly that animations and blend spaces should be a lot easier with them. I may wind up ditching zombies and just learn how to use the default character's animations and such given that there seems to be tons of them. Right now I would be happy just to get my zombie to simply walk and follow the player. Then getting him to bite and damage them.

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In that case you need to rig your characters to the default SDK Skeleton to use the default animations and mannequin setup.

What you then need to do is to create a biting animation and if you want you can also create a hit animation. So that yor zombies can bite and hit.

Then you need to create a weapon script (xml, look into the rifle.xml for an example. Since you are going for a melee "weapon", you don't need to care about bullet classes, ammo, zoommodes, recoil, e.t.c. So a basic xml file will work fine).
Inside the xml you will need to define a "melee"
tag for the "weapon" and set the damage e.t.c. there. Also you will set tags for mannequin.

Now to the mannequin setup:
Look into the rifle setup for detailed information about weapon setup. But for your own weapon you will just need to create a melee fragment id. Inside that, you can then create fragments. If you have multiple fragments for the same thing, the engine will randomly choose one of them. This is useful to create some variation.

In our example, you would create two fragments inside the melee fragment id. The first one will be the hit animation, the second one the bite animation.

Now you can place an ai into the level, switch the model to your .cdf file (which is your custom character) and assign only your melee weapon to it.

After that, you need to look into modular behavior trees. You can assign one of them to the ai inside the ai's properties in the editor. But for this zombie, you would need a custom behavior tree.

So you search the behavior tree documents inside your project folder and create a new one (an .xml file). Just copy the default behavior tree into your custom modular behavior tree and look through it. Most of it is not needed. You can delete most parts. For example the parts where the ai is told to take cover e.t.c.

Now you just need to modify the part where the ai "approaches the player and shoots". You replace this with "run to the player and perform a melee attack".

I hope that I could be of use. Manuk also wrote a great tutorial about melee weapons, where he creates one for the player and explains the weapon xml structure e.t.c. You can find it here: ... 1&t=134962

- Jannis

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Thanks! I will get to work on studying all this. I really believe my best bet would be to rig all my characters to the generic skeleton. I however, finally found a very quick route to getting Mixamo auto rigged characters into the game with animations. I really need to go learn to rig to the generic skeleton I guess. Thanks so much for all the info. I will continue to study. I am guessing that a full tutorial video on this would maybe run too long? It would be cool if someone could do an extensive tut starting with a custom rigged character and maybe a simple walk animation and walk through getting the character to walk in the game and attack. Video tuts are so much easier to follow. Once I learn how to do it I will be putting together several tut videos. This is my "cup of tea" and way of giving back to the community. I know it sucks for the people who have put in major amounts of time in the engine when new fast easier pipelines come about but it really is the future of the engine. The draw of the possibility that a small indie team can now seriously design and build a real game is amazing to me. The future success of this engine lies squarely in the hands of the tutorials. Dreams can shatter fast when frustration takes over from not finding the info one needs. Thanks for pointing me to the files I need to tear apart and look into this is a huge step toward my goals. I am sure I will be back on this thread soon with questions LOL. Have a blessed day!

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I have studied and studied many different videos and tuts on how to rig to the default skeleton but I have so many mixed ideas and outdated materials. PLEASE can someone point me to the best newest tut on this? I know i even had some files that came with the skeleton and such that you put your skinned character onto. I gave up on it as I never got it to work as the tuts were not complete. I follow them completely with no skipping around and such but I think the people doing the tuts know how to do it so well they forget how a " noob " feels and leave out steps.

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OK, This is what I see in my behavior tree file : <Move to="Target" speed="Run" stance="Stand" avoidDangers="0" stopWithinDistance="10"/>


<Shoot at="Target" fireMode="Burst" stance="Stand" duration="2.0" _startLog="starting to shoot"/>

How exactly do i need to type this out to cause the AI to run to player and do a melee?

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I'm not that good with MBTs but Manuk also provides a tutorial on that.
You can find it here: ... 4&t=100487

The interesting part for you is this:
Quoted from Manuk:

change the "stopWithinDistance" to "2" and
replace "<Shoot at="Target" fireMode="Burst" stance="Stand" duration="2.0" _startLog="starting to shoot"/>" with " <Melee class="TreeNode" target="Target" cylinderRadius="2" hitType="CGameRules::EHitType::Melee"/>"
- Jannis

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