Weapon Customization

I would like to setup a demo with Weapon Customization but very detailed Customization in fact i wanted to base it off of a game that is still in the "Beta" Stage. Called

Escape from Tarkov. if you look at this picture i have Linked this is my account on the game and you can customize anything on Certain Weapons IE pistols are very limited but AR's are not they are very detailed on what you can replace or add or upgrade etc. i would like to match this as much as possible but also at the same time to make my Weapon Customization lot more detailed but in the same sense with more Customization options in mind.

M4A1 Customized in Escape from Tarkov ( My Personal in-Game Account ) Image

Re: Weapon Customization

Hey there,

The way you want this to work would require you to think about your inventory system. You are able to use the attachment system to combine objects to create customizable weapons as in your description. Perhaps you could rephrase your query to be slightly more specific, have you implemented your inventory system yet?
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