Setting Up Leaderboards

I have been trying to figure out how to create a leaderboard. I have done a few searches but nothing that helped me. Not sure if this is the best section for this topic but I was not sure if it needed to be in programming or ui.
I have set up my levels so the items needed in the leaderboard are saved temporarily as xml in game directory so it can be accesed by base level and wrote to leaderboard xml. I can display them this way but dont know any way to organize by points or time placement. Also I cant figure out how to get the leaderboards online. I have very little experience in programming but am learning more every day (currently working on C++). Here are the questions I have.

Is writing to xml in flowgraph the best way to send the info from game play to leaderboard?
Can I create a leaderboard from flowgraph or do I have to use C++ or a mixutre of both?
Should it be built in cryengine or as a seperate program?

I am not looking for someone to build it for me, but just point me in the right direction to head in. Thanks for the help.

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