POM and OBM needs an upgrade!

Hi all.
I'm currently having some issues with Parallax Occlusion Mapping and Offset Bump Mapping.
The point is this: as soon, as an object with POM is inside any shadow, the POM "Self Shadwo Strength" attribute will loose all of it's effect and you really need to take a close up look to notice that there is any kind of displacement going on. To show you what I mean, I've attached three pictures. One is with Global Illumination. POM works pretty well here. The other two are inside a Visarea. You can barely notice the POM / OBM effect. Would it be possible to include this into a future engine build? It would be really great.

EDIT: You can see it pretty well in the last picture. The ground is looking quite good, but the shadows of other objects just cut a clear line into the effect.

By the way: displacement mapping and tesselation works pretty well in my case, but sadly if I use displacement and resselation, I can't effect the shadow strength.

- Jannis
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Re: POM and OBM needs an upgrade!

if crytek implements some ambient occlusion feature that can manipulate AO in pixel shader level , that'll do the magic , but that would be expensive i guess( in that case ,maybe tessellation would be a better choice).
i noticed that a "Micro-occlusion maps" is presented in road map under "R&D" category , if that acts like "occlusion map" in other engine( unity's standard shader), that'll be a savior.

IIRC, POM's self-shadowing currently only works to Sun light, right?

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