Small UI Tweaks

This is probably seen as low priority changes, but It would be nice to see features that are seen as being deprecated and will not be coming back be removed from the User Interface. Just to help clean up the User Interface and make it neater.
Some of the stuff that have been deprecated for a long time and left in the UI are:

Level Settings Panel - View Distance Low Spec, LDR Global Dens Mult, Waves Speed

Material Editor - Use Scattering, Fur Amount, Clock Amount, Link to Material, Propagate Options, Layer Presets
(I have seen in the Road Map that there should be a new Material Editor, but just thought i would mention them)

Those are just some I have noticed, I pretty sure there is a few more but that is the kind of stuff I am talking about.

One small change I do recommend is for the Environment Editor, Easier to just show rather than explain why the change would be a small improvement.

Now again, I know this is the low priority stuff but some of these small changes would be nice to see sometime soon. Mainly just to help my OCD ;)
Cryengine Environment Editor.jpg
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Cryengine Environment Editor Change.jpg
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