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This is a dedicated topic to collect your feedback about CRYENGINE 5.5 (ALL PREVIEW RELEASES) in addition to the Launcher crash reporter, the GitHub Issue tracker and GitHub pull requests which we just established a process for. Please make sure you submit your feedback in the following format - we even made a copy/paste form for you to save you some work.

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Title: [TOOL] - Gist of Problem/List [list][b]OS:[/b] Windows 7, 10 etc. [b]Build:[/b] as shipped, or compiled from GitHub? [b]Version Number:[/b] Exact version number: (e.g. A.B.C.D)[/list] - Additional relevant info, summarized, see below for options to include. - Exact steps to reproduce the error, if you are encountering a bug. Attachments if applicable: DxDiag Crash Report/LogFiles Image of Error notification
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EDIT: This is the build feedback thread, if you want to have a discussion about the 5.5 release or its features, please move your conversation to the announce thread, thanks! Please help us keep this thread tidy so our engineers can go through your bugs and issues with ease.


Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 PREVIEW Collective Build Feedback Thread

Okay,so here is my first Review:

Title: Bugs

OS:Windows 10
Build:Download from launcher preview 1

1.Sky is glitched.Plenty of splitting in sky
2.View of terrain from water is "Buggified" and vice versa
3.Terrain cannot be painted
4.100% load on disk and cpu due to "whatever" reason
P.S:I was only running CE.No other programs in background
5.Total Illumination does not work as it should .There are stutters due to it.

That's That for today.Lots of things for you guys to fix.
Congrats on teaming up with PlayFusion.

I would love if Cryengine could possess something like the Northlight Engine of Remedy.I mean the tech and lighting behind the Realtime Cinematics of Quantum break which feels as if I am watching a film.

Thanks guys.More to come later ;)

Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 PREVIEW Collective Build Feedback Thread

Title: Bug

OS:Windows 10
Build:Download from launcher 5.5 preview 1

1. Everytime I try to select a componet from the properties menu or select outside the componet list box it crashes the system. Does not matter if its a blank entity or selected componet.
2. The list that opens with the componets from the properties menu usually opens half way off of the screen to the bottom so all I see is the search bar and 1 line.
3. The list system for the componets is way too small, I rather have a list like it was in 5.4 with extenders or make the box at least 7 lines tall.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling 5.5 with no change and this all happened with a new c++ blank project.

Thank You

Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 PREVIEW Collective Build Feedback Thread

Problem list

Windows 10
Shipped build preview 98

Same issues as the other posters also.

The new material editor is much more less efficient now, not sure why the move to it. An extra click needed to sample current selection, can't seem to find the Apply material button. I guess you need to select it in the object. Hopefully the legacy one will not be replaced with this new one.

I like the idea of being able to create the proxies for the character, but still quite buggy, seemingly not able to save and view the newly added proxy -
I was able to add the left foot proxy previously, but not able to see it anymore when trying to add the other foot proxy.



Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 PREVIEW Collective Build Feedback Thread

Problem : Unable to load plugin with MySql library linked

System: Windows 10
Cryengine version : 5.5 preview 1 - From launcher.

I have my own project build from scratch(blank template) in 5.4. I use there MySql library to connect to mysql database on the fly. I put libmysql.lib file in 5.4 project -> linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies.
Then I use this code to connect to mysql :

Code: Select all

MYSQL mysql; mysql_init(&mysql); mysql_real_connect(.......
In 5.4 it worked perfectly for long time now. But once I converted to 5.5, my game dll is not loaded.

Message while launching editor says that :

Plugin load failed, could not find dynamic library bin/win_x64/Game.dll. Editor launches just fine, but obviously my dll is not loaded, all components, logic etc is not there.
This can't be issue on my side with my implementation, cause 5.4 works perfectly with the same code.

Once I commend out code above and rebuild solution, it launches my dll without any issues.
And yes. I made sure my dll file is there.
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Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 PREVIEW Collective Build Feedback Thread

Just tested this implementation on 5.4 blank vs 5.5 blank. 5.4 loads plugin properly. 5.5 doesnt. It is weird to me, because somehow cryengine know that I have implementation there, although my code is not hit yet. Nothing is hit. Because it refuses to load my dll. I would like to know if there is anything that could potentially interfere in 5.5? And can I expect to be able to use 5.5 full version in the future with my sql implementation? ?
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