Re: Departure of the editor

To fix the"Cryengine sandbox is already running" error just open the task manager (ctrl+shift+escape) and close the sandbox.exe task (in the background task list). Sometimes after a crash the editor is still running in the background so you have to close the task before attempting to open it up again.

Re: Departure of the editor

First please pay attention to the stickies in each forum: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=260

Second, you need to provide some information. A screenshot showing a crash dialog gives 0 information (other than you have "some" problem).

Cryengine Version(5.3.3/5.3.0)?
Did you build the engine yourself (github)?
How are you starting the editor (launcher/project file)?
What project are you using(blank/fps/gamesdk/custom)?
provide a dxdiag.log
If available provide an editor.log (in your project folder)
Does the Game-Only work? IS it only the editor crashing?
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