Is Flowgraph going to be deprecated?

Hi. Didn't know where to post it. Someone under one of my videos posted a comment, that flowgraph is going to be deprecated and replaced by schematyc. At the moment schematyc is just completely different tool, that is more similar to lua than it is to flowgraph. But are there any plans about it ? And if so, when are you planning to get rid of flowgraph? Would be cool to have some Crytek member to provide legit info.
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Re: Is Flowgraph going to be deprecated?

Schematyc is not ready for that task yet. Neither will it be with 5.6. Flowgraph will not be removed until Schematyc is ready to take over. Probably won't happen this year.
Hi! Do you have a schematyc running without errors in the new version? I left the question on the forum, but something without an answer. I would like to know if anyone else has such problems. Ready to reinstall Windows: D
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Re: Is Flowgraph going to be deprecated?

I don't like using the current Schematyc implementation. I'd rather wait for a more complete solution (i.e, 5.6 and beyond). So much is missing / lacking from it. You can do more with Flowgraph right now than with Schematyc. Can't even display Flash content with it (on stock). So no i'd rather wait until it's ready.

Re: Is Flowgraph going to be deprecated?

Hey guys, nothing is set in stone yet regarding this question. We have no immediate plans to deprecate FlowGraph at this point. We will broadcast new info about Schematyc and FlowGraph and how the two are going to co-exist or relate to each other when we have them.

FlowGraph is still a perfectly viable language to build your game upon and that's not going to change in the near future while Schematyc is still in BETA and not ready to base your whole game logic on. It's also subject to massive changes in the future, so we cannot recommend it for production. More info about Schematyc's current state and development can be found in ourlast Developer Roundtable interview with our subject matter expert Dominique.
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