Vehicle Nodes

Anyone worked with FollowPath or StickPath in CE5.3 ? these nodes don't seem to work for me (didn't check other vehicle nodes yet) so I wonder if it's a bug or they need a different setup than in 3.5.8, for example.

Re: Vehicle Nodes

Hi Chris,

thanx for the message; yea, I found out that it works, what I have to figure out now is why it works for the vehicles delivered with the sdk and not with my custom vehicle.
About using 5.3, yes there are several reasons:
- new features always bring in new bugs and issues, not fully tested, not very stable and such;
- new (engine) concepts integration always require a lot of my time (to understand the new concepts, to port/migrate levels & assets, to adapt/find solutions where some kind of support has been discontinued (while I'm not against evolution or continuous development, for me it doesn't make too much sense when simple things are replaced with complicated ones, accessible only for programmers or guys with technical abilities); so I think 5.3 is pretty much the tool to save a lot of time and further headaches...

Re: Vehicle Nodes


Nothing specific, but it's more likely that new major releases (5.0,..., 5.3, 5.4, etc) have more problems than the minor ones (5.0.1, 5.0.2,...5.3.2, 5.3.3, 5.3.4 and such) which are usually fixes of the major releases; while for programmers and engine developers the new features are always a source for new excitement, if you're just a game developer you only need a stable and reliable (as much as possible) tool; despite the technical advancement of the engine, the game idea and the gameplay are probably more important for the gamer, which doesn't care too much about the algorithms or programming languages you're using when building the game; so I don't see any pressing reason to switch to the most recent version... for me, switching permanently to the most recent version is not the right way to build a game but a way to waste precious time - instead I have a pretty stable and performant version and I'll use it to develop my game; eventually, when it'll be ready, I'll have a single and unique conversion to the most recent engine version, and that's it !


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