A few important things to check

With the recent updates, there is no doubt cryengine has become much more user-friendly.
But there are a few things I've learned recently that really helped my workflow.

1. Install cryengine and your game project in public folder(ex. C:\users\public or your local account folder)
For some reason, ever sine I started using windows10, I've had lots of trouble regarding cryengine not having
permission to save files. It would drive me crazy.
Keeping my engine and project in public folder solved most of permission issues(ex. quick asset brower not working at all).

2. This is a minor thing. But kind of important.
when making architectural assets, you end up switching back and forth between old models and new models a lot.
Obviously, it's important to not have to restart the editor while making changes to your imported fbx file.
"When you import a mesh using fbx mesh import tool, if you are importing it the second time, you have to delete the existing asset imported previously in the asset browser.
Otherwise, you won't be able to re-import your mesh.

Hopefully, these tips will get to the cryengine feedback team.

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