Re: 5.4 Cant drag and drop Particles frm Database anymore

Any reason why you don't convert the particles to pfx2 and use it with the proper Particle Editor?
Yes Sir lots of on the fly testing ;) As always. So if i like the effects after a week - or so, they allowed to stay.
If im glad with my results they getting nailed. So one day a week is my converting day. A workflow that saved me nerves and time.
As u know Assetcreation costs lots of time so i doin big all ins first and if the one or other makes sense
its getting refined cutted and standalone. Its works better to me than spending hours on one thing and after a time
u see that its not working looking or fitting as i wish for it.
By the way today and after nearly 2 weeks of trying around restarting and checking the problem is fixed.
Seems that simply rechecking hooks in Display/Render types section solved it. Restarts brought nothing.
And since i deaktivated Shadow play and GPU-Tweakers the Editor is Rockstable.

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