Let us know! Vote for your favorite beta feature in 5.4

Hey guys,

to measure the interest in certain features and help us prioritize beta features for production ready development, we started a little survey. As you had time to test 5.4 and its' previews for some time now, please consider casting your vote.

If you want to help us, it just takes 3 minutes of your time to answer the following 3-5 questions and vote for your favorite feature.

>> Take the survey here! <<
This is not an election, so feel free to discuss your votes. ;)

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Re: Let us know! Vote for your favorite beta feature in 5.4

I'll start :),

I would say get schematyc in a production viable state with the current engine features first. There are so many wonderful feats in this engine and schematyc will basically "open" this engine to so many people.
Once schematyc is fleshed and ready, it should be trivial to add feats that are integrated with schematyc.

I vote Schematyc priority,
Then any thing else :).
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Re: Let us know! Vote for your favorite beta feature in 5.4

considering it's vote for beta feature so i run out my options:
1: Schematyc (i don't use it quite much ,but definitely it's much important).
2: GI without Voxel (considering this could vastly improve interior lighting,or you might have other same superior solutions).

But Assets Browser should get fully mature on first priority, other than that stable build is always welcome for first place.
deep in my mind, i prefer graphic features than anything else, but can't talk about it here.

Re: Let us know! Vote for your favorite beta feature in 5.4

I would like Schematic too, to be at a highly competitive level. On the other hand I have a lot of interest in Vulkan. If a Vulkan runtime and feature/plug-in set could be done in a Schematic Window I think it would be able to do something that Unreal Engine couldn't compete with. But also might be unrealistic of a feature to request. The Vulkan API is an API of the future, but industry support is still slow. a Middleware like Cryengine with a deeper/robust support would definitely raise eyebrows in the industry. Time is money, so the faster you can have a total conversion to DX12 or Vulkan of a project, the more desire there is for that program or application. Maybe more so then Schematic.

Re: Let us know! Vote for your favorite beta feature in 5.4

Schematyc is a big one for me.

I am not a programmer and the ability to flush a full game out without learning programming is very appealing.

Runners up:

Highpass adjustment in the material editor is amazing.
Soft Depth Test is awesome.
Object integration into terrain wonderful.
FBX import super useful.

Lastly the load times and stability are much better than 5.3 and previous versions.

I started learning cryengine with cryengine V and this update is such a breath of fresh air. I love it. Keep up the good work people!

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